Oct 24, 2016

Coffee and Cake: Café Art

It's coffee time again. This time we tried Café Art, right in the centre of Turku, on the bank of the river Aura. It's in a beautiful historical building, and if you happen to get a table by the window, it's a perfect place to people-watch. The café also shows work by local artists, and you can browse paintings while enjoying your coffee. Right now they're showing Mari Pyykkönen's work, beautiful paintings with sea creatures both real and fantastical. (Show ends at the end of October.)

Café Art is definitely a place to try the coffee instead of tea; they've won the Barista of the Year award seven times so far. The café looks small from the outside, but they've got plenty of seating in the back. I really liked the feel of the place, like it would be a nice spot for writing. I actually saw a few people with laptops, and one of my friends said she sometimes comes there to write.

You can also buy coffee beans from a local roastery, Turun kahvipaahtimo, there. 

I'm no expert, but I thought the coffee was good. I even bought a bag of dark roast for Hubby. The barista did that thing where they make a leaf pattern on the coffee with the foam. It was really pretty until I fumbled with the cup and spilled coffee all over the counter. (Yup, I'm very graceful. Also elegant and understated. Not.) The carrot cake was nice, too, and my friends liked the mousse cake they ordered.

A lovely café, where writerly types will feel right at home.  

Here's the address: 
Läntinen rantakatu 5
20100 Turku

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 10-19
Sat 10-17
Sun 11-17


  1. Luulenpa, että olen käynyt tuolla. Ja voisin mennä uudestaankin. Tosin sen Gaggui kuulosti myös ihanalta, joten kun saan raahattua itseni Turkuun (ollut suunnitelmissa jo pitkään), joudun ilmeisesti syömään paljon kakkua. ;)

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