Dec 7, 2017

The Write-A-Story Calendar Day 7: Thinking Thematically

Nope, we're still not starting to write. I know theme is a slippery subject, and many writers prefer to let it develop organically, as in they don't give it conscious thought before writing, but as you now have a rough sort of outline, it might be beneficial to see if something stands out.

Here are a few questions to think about:

  • What are you trying to say with your story?
  • Is the story accidentally saying something offensive that you absolutely don't want to say? If so, how to fix it?
  • Are you making an argument with the story? Are some of the characters symbols? Do they represent different sides of the issue? Have you given space for different viewpoints without taking sides, letting the characters speak for themselves?
  • Does the story come across as preachy? (Nobody likes being lectured to.)
  • Why this particular story? Is it saying something important to you or are you figuring out some issue in your own life by writing the story? (You probably are, even if you don't see it right away.)
  • are there multiple themes?
Once you've figured out some of these questions, you might think a bit about your story title. Ideally it will resonate with your theme or be a metaphor for that theme on some level while making sense, story-wise.

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