Mar 30, 2017

Coffee and Cake: The Book Cafe

Turun kirjakahvila, or the Book Café, located in the Brinkkala courtyard on the historical Suurtori market square, is something completely different: a volunteer-run vegan café that hosts author visits, book circles, and all kinds of cool events for the alternative crowd. As the name suggests, they also offer a lending library of interesting books on social justice issues, distribute small press zines and books, and there's also the opportunity to swap used books or buy them for a reasonable fee. You can also donate books to the café. 

Here's the chocolate mousse cake I had. Delicious. The tea was fair trade, and you could choose soy or oat milk with your coffee. I've tried the seitan sandwich on a previous visit, and it was also very tasty.  

If you enjoy interesting events and a relaxed college coffee bar atmosphere, give the Book Café a chance. And don't let the vegan part stop you; honestly, if I hadn't known that cake was vegan, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. 

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