Aug 31, 2015

A Fairy-tale Weekend

My husband and I went up to Helsinki for the weekend, and it was pretty great. We saw The Magic North exhibition at the Ateneum, which was wonderful. It had lots of fairy-tale paintings and illustrations from around Scandinavia, and some paintings of scenes from the Finnish national epic The Kalevala. I loved it so much that I got this book with the illustrations and analysis of the works. Here's a few pictures from the book:

The näkki, a Finnish water demon that lives in the lakes and drags you down if it can catch you. (Picture by Theodor Kittelsen)

This sculpture by Gustav Vigeland is meant to embody terror. See that Lovercraftian monstrosity twining its tentacles around the poor man?

Definitely go see this if you're in Helsinki. It's only running for a couple more weeks.

We also saw the Beauty and the Beast ballet at the Finnish National Opera. Very beautiful and magical. They're doing The Little Mermaid next, so I'll definitely be getting tickets for that as well.

Kaunotar ja hirviö

(Image source

Oh, and I got a spot of good news on the writing front: my story got accepted for the Frozen Fairy Tales anthology from World Weaver Press! Yay!

I got this necklace to celebrate. Pretty, huh?

All in all, a great weekend. Hope you had a nice one too!

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