Apr 2, 2016

My First Loot Crate!


Have you heard about Lootcrate yet? It's an awesome monthly mystery box of geek gear and all kinds of fun stuff from collectibles to comics. I've thought about subscribing for about a year, and finally took the plunge last month. Every crate has a theme, and this month's was Versus. They also do special crates once in a while in addition to the monthly one, too. (I'm totally bummed I missed the Mass Effect one. Afterlife shot glasses, anyone?) Oh, and you can "level up" your crate for a wearable, socks, accessories, or even stuff for your pets.

                                     So, what was in this month's crate? Let's find out:


First of all, this cool Star Trek tee with a retro vibe. I love this one, but I might dye it black, because the material is a bit see-through. (This is the ladies tee, and they seem to run small, so think about going up a size. The men's sizes are probably true to size, as always... Sigh.) 


Then there was this reversible Daredevil/Punisher beanie. I'm not particularly a fan of either (I'm a Jessica Jones/Agent Carter gal), but the beanie is made of a nice material and fits well, so I'll probably get some use out of it, anyway. . 


There's also a looter pin in every box. I like this Alien/Predator one a lot. The code that came with it unlocked a free Alien vs. Predator comic from Comixolology. I had problems opening it, but their support said it's probably an iPad issue, so I'll try it on my computer later. 


       We also got this Harley Quinn comic, which was a fun read. I liked the artwork on this, too.

        Now we get to my favourite part: an exclusive Alien vs. Predator vinyl figure from Titan. 


I got the alien, yay! (I do love both franchises, so the predator would have been fine too.) He is so cute, and the criss-cross pattern on top of his head glows in the dark. I think I'll call him Crinkles.


 There's also a magazine with all kinds of fun stuff, like this "Spot the Spock" thing, and a paper 
                     Batman vs. Superman wallet that I'm probably going to give my nephew.

A subscription in the States costs you about twenty bucks with shipping and handling, and the international version is a bit more. It's cheaper the longer the subscription. (I got three months to start with, but ended up getting the Invasion and Time crates from previous months in the sale they were having, because those were so cool.) If you want a subscription, you can use this link to get five bucks off. (They give each subscriber a referral link, so in the name of full disclosure, I get a little something towards my next box for every person that subscribes through this link.) Fashionably Geek also had a code for 10% off your first crate, if you want to use that one. 

All in all, I'm very happy with this. Next month's theme is Quest, and one of the franchises featured is Labyrinth, one of my favourite movies ever! I can't wait. 

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