Apr 10, 2016

A Busy Weekend and a Book Recommendation

The deadline for the Nova writing competition is fast approaching, and I've been busy getting my short stories up to spec. Quite a lot of work, with four stories to edit. Yeah, I know four stories is a lot, but there aren't too many places to send my stuff in Finland. It's pretty much this and the Portti competition for speculative fiction. There is the odd anthology, but none of these fit the ones that are open right now.

I just sent the last one in. All finished with a week to spare. Yay, good for me!

I think I'll celebrate by doing my workout and watching  a few more episodes of Agent Carter. I've been neglecting my exercise routine to get all this done. And I did order the Fitzgerald version of The Odyssey, since I've only read the prose translation. Party on!

Oh, and the book recommendation. I really enjoyed Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It's kind of like Howl's Moving Castle meets Beauty and the Beast with a heavy dollop of Tolkien's Mirkwood and Eastern European fairy tales mixed in. Very entertaining with an easy-to-read style, the book really pulls you in. I also loved the ending. I'm kind of hoping this will turn into a series. I haven't read Novik's Temeraire books, because I'm just not that into the Napoleonic era (even with dragons), but maybe I'll give them a go.

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