Mar 13, 2016

Terribleminds Challenge: A Story in Five Sentences

I haven't been doing too many of the Terribleminds challenges this year, because I swore I'd finish the short story I've been working on before doing anything else, but this week's was too fun and short to resist, just five sentences. And I've been very productive this weekend: I wrote a new short story, which seemed to just write itself (don't you love those?), and even wrote two pages of the unfinished story (the one that feels like pulling teeth from a tyrannosaur, sigh). 

But here's the little drabble I came up with:

                                                        The Charred Heart

On his way back from work on a grey Wednesday, Mr. Johansson discovered he had misplaced his heart.

Feeling hollow, he slumped in his bland Ikea chair at his bland Ikea table and thought about when he had last used it, but couldn’t remember.

Determined, he searched and finally found one piece tucked inside his favorite book, another in the jar of gingersnaps, some shards at his father’s grave, and a few charred pieces stuck to his work jacket.

He glued them together and stuck the singed little heart into his chest.

It wasn’t much, but he’d make it grow.

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