Mar 17, 2016

Coffee and Kombucha in Tampere


I travelled to Tampere for work today, and decided to check out a few cafes I've been  hearing about.


             Yup, that's my dinner. The Waffle Cafe is tiny, but their waffles are amazing.


Kahvila Runo (The Poem Cafe) was almost next door, so I stopped there for some dessert.


Kahvila Runo is the perfect place to write, if you like writing in coffee shops, that is. Highly recommended.

Then I did some quick shopping.

I finally got the Naked palette from Urban Decay everyone's been making such a big fuss about. We'll see if it's worth the money.

Them I stopped at Ruohonjuuri, the local eco store, and decided it's finally time to try kombucha. (The coconut water is in case it's yucky.)


Now I'm going to try my new mud mask, relax for a bit, and then continue my short story for the Finnish writing group. Deadline's Monday, so I'd better get to work!

Update: kombucha is super weird. Not bad, but definitely weird. It tastes like beer and ginger ale mixed with vinegar. This one was lemon-ginger flavoured, so I don't know how much of the taste is from those ingredients, though.

Do you like kombucha? Should I try different flavours, or are they all like that?

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