Mar 19, 2016

Craft Fair Finds


I visited the craft fair at Turun Messukeskus today. The entry fee in s bit steep, 15 euros, but my friend got us a deal on the tickets through her lace making class.  (The colourful fabrics above are Japanese imports. The seller has a webshop, too: )


It's not only craft stuff like fabric and yarn, though; you can also find awesome unique jewellery there. This is the Coruu Designs shop. They make their jewellery from silicon, so it's really lightweight as well as beautiful.  Here's the link to their webshop. Looks like shipping is free in Finland, and they also ship to Sweden, Germany, and Austria (postage is 2 e).


I bought two pairs of earrings, and they are gorgeous. These are the long, dangly kind, but they're so light I hardly feel I'm wearing them. They cost about 15 e a pair, which is very reasonable. 


                                                       I can't wait to wear these!


     There was all sort of weird stuff on sale, like this handy-dandy gadget for painting Easter eggs. 

The picture can't really capture how beautiful these butterflies were. I bought a kit to make my own. I might use them for Victorian-style wall art or maybe make a fascinator out of them.


Here's the kit. Looks simple enough: you just stick the silk paper between two butterfly stickers (silver wire optional) and cut out the finished product. 


Here's another cool jewellery shop: Mariel Designs. I went a little crazy at their booth, but look how cute! Some had a vintage vibe, others a steampunk one. They also have a webshop, and they deliver all over the world, yay!


                                          Here's a close-up of one of the rings. 


There was also a collectors' fair (and antiques, but we didn't have the energy to navigate that one). I loved this space patrol ufo thingy. Guess who's flying the ship? Drumroll, please . . .  Captain Shepard! I didn't dare ask how much it was, but this stuff cost up from 200 e, so...  Maybe one day.

If you live near Turku, the fair is still open tomorrow.

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