Mar 18, 2016

Reading Challenge!


As you might have noticed from the blog, I'm trying to catch up on the classics I've missed, both science fiction/fantasy and the literary kind. But how do you define a classic? Where should I start? I did some googling and decided to go with these two lists. I'll try to read everything on them, but I'm not setting myself any time limits; this is just me competing against myself. If you want to join me, here are the links to the lists:

Here's the list: classics of science fiction. The site also has lists for 100 fantasy classics and The Guardian's list of SF/F classics. There's a lot of overlap on these lists, but I decided to do the science fiction one, because I've read a lot more fantasy that science fiction over the years. I've read 36/193 on the list so far, and I've got about ten more waiting on my kindle. 

What about literary classics? Well, I decided to go for The Guardian's list of one hundred best novels of all time for those. I've read 26/100 over the years. This should prove interesting; there's a bunch of stuff I've never even heard of on the list. 

Feeling even more ambitious? Here's The Guardian's list of the 1000 novels everyone must read.

Ready, set, read!


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