Oct 31, 2015

Shoggoth Cake and Scary Strawberries

I had a Halloween party on Friday, and here are some of the treats I came up with.

The Shoggoth cake was inspired by Where's My Shoggoth by Ian Thomas

Here's a close-up. 

I saw Christine McConnell's screamberries on her flickr page, and I had to try to make some. They're not nearly as nice as hers, but they did make my pumpkin pie a bit more interesting. 

Christine McConnell is amazing. If you need Halloween food inspiration, check out her flickr. Seriously, there's some amazing stuff there. The woman made an alien face hugger from pastry dough. Respect. I just found out that she has a cookbook available! I'm definitely getting that. 

The savouries were a bit more conventional. I made mushroom-fennel pizza with paprika-fried pumpkin seeds and roasted beet, pine nut, and chèvre pizza. The red pizza crust has pureed beets in it.  Both turned out nicely.

Happy Halloween!

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