Oct 26, 2015

Spine-Tingling Halloween Movies

When it comes to scary movies, my taste veers more towards supernatural horror, fairy tales, and Victoriana. Subtle is good; you'll find no splatter or slasher flicks here. (Although, I do have a soft spot for Scream. It's a growing-up-in-the-nineties thing.)

My favourite Halloween movies are by Tim Burton, big surprise. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the ultimate Halloween movie, but the others work, too. I forgot to include Sleepy Hollow in the picture, but that's probably my favourite after Nightmare

For the more fairy-tale minded amongst you, Labyrinth might do the trick. It's got everything: goblins, weird creatures, talking door knockers, and David Bowie as the Goblin King. *swoon*

Who you gonna call? You can't go wrong with Ghostbusters.

I love Alien and Aliens. No matter how many times I watch these, they're still among the scariest movies I've ever seen, and the special effects have stood the test of time. These have an added nostalgia bonus for me, because when I was a kid I'd sneak down to watch these and then have nightmares for the next three nights. I'm sure my parents were delighted. 

Don't you love old 50s creature features? Here's a few of my faves. The old Hammer Horror films are fun too. 

What about you guys? Any movie recs?

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