Oct 6, 2015


About once a month, one of our friends hosts an evening of board-game fun at his house. This time we played Amerigo, where the players build settlements, secure trading routes, and explore the islands of South America á la Amerigo Vespucci. This one is super fun, I highly recommend it. I lost, as usual, but still had fun. Our friend and some of the others have played in (and won!) the Finnish championship games, so I don't really mind losing to them. It's like playing Words With Friends with Charles Dickens. You know you're going down. 

The treasure chests in the game looked deceptively like these liquorice candies. And no, nobody actually swallowed one of the game pieces. Luckily we don't drink at these parties.

This one looked so cool. I'm definitely trying it next time!

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