Jul 9, 2015

Look, Mom, I'm on SpeckLit!

Yep, my first drabble came out today! You can check it out here.

I celebrated by sending out two of my Finnish pieces to competitions and by doing the final edits for  my Supernova anthology story.

I know, I'm a regular party animal :)

I might actually have some free time this weekend, though, because there isn't going to be a Terribleminds writing challenge for two weeks because Chuck's on vacation. I do have two ideas for short stories I'm dying to write, or maybe I'll do some drabbles, just for fun.

Oh yeah, there is that one short story I've been meaning to edit for months now. Maybe I should do that?

Or continue writing that Kit Ward adventure that's a quarter way done?

And I did promise this one guy on Critters to critique his 20K word novella.

Free time? Yeah, right...  

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