Jul 17, 2015

Going Nautical

After I visited the Pommern, I started writing a short story about The Flying Dutchman. It ended up being sci-fi, but fun nonetheless. Now I'm plotting a horror story set on an 1800s sailing ship. I'm thinking something . . .  Lovecraftian.

To set the mood, here's an excerpt from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner courtesy of the Poetry foundation:

The Sun's rim dips; the stars rush out;
At one stride comes the dark;
With far-heard whisper, o'er the sea,
Off shot the spectre-bark.

We listened and looked sideways up!
Fear at my heart, as at a cup,
My life-blood seemed to sip!
The stars were dim, and thick the night,
The steersman's face by his lamp gleamed white;
From the sails the dew did drip—
Till clomb above the eastern bar
The hornèd Moon, with one bright star
Within the nether tip.

One after one, by the star-dogged Moon,
Too quick for groan or sigh,
Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
And cursed me with his eye.

I'm off to have a nice and creepy weekend.

Source: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173253

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