May 9, 2015

A Story in Search Terms -- Terribleminds Challenge

Are you familiar with Chuck Wendig and his blog, Terribleminds? If you're not, go check it out immediately. It has lots of great posts on writing, most of which are also hilarious. Oh, and he swears a lot, so consider yourself warned. 

Once a week Chuck posts a writing challenge, and this was last week's: a story in search terms, ten lines or less. (I did this week's, too, but it turned out quite well, so I'm holding on to it for now.) Here's what I came up with: 

Search History:

Lovecraft theme party ideas
Cthulhu jello shots
What is Nectar of the Elders
How to milk a night-gaunt
Elder sign vodka
Elder sign whiskey
Elder sign gin
Tentacles burst from nose normal

Best lullabies for baby Cthulhu

Do you want to play, too? Here's a link to this week's challenge:

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