May 24, 2015

A Productive Weekend

You know those days when you seem to accomplish more than you normally do in a week? I had one yesterday. Actually it started late Friday night.

I did this week's Terribleminds challenge (a fun one, inspiration from a random photo), and I finally jotted down the two drabbles that have been rattling around my brain for a while now.    

I submitted one story, and got the final edits for my short story that'll be appearing in a Finnish anthology called Supernova this fall. Hopefully I'll get those done today, and maybe a few chapters of the sci-fi adventure story I'm working on.   

Oh yeah, I did have some fun, too. My friend organised an Eurovision song contest toga party! It was, indeed, legendary! Finland didn't get into the finals this year, but there was plenty of Eurovision wackiness to enjoy. I liked Sweden's entry, which ended up winning. And did I mention that the friend in question is a food blogger? (you can check out her blog here, she'll probably be posting some pictures and recipes. It's in Finnish, though.) Jealous yet?


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