Aug 8, 2017

Worldcon in Helsinki!

It's almost Worldcon time! The con is held at the Messukeskus convention center in Pasila from tomorrow through Sunday. The registration opens at nine a.m. and the program begins at noon, but there's plenty to see in the evening too. Guests of Honor include Johanna Sinisalo, Nalo Hopkinson, and Walter Jon Williams, but many more authors will be participating in panel discussions, signings, and workshops.

Check out the program here:

Don't have a pass yet? No problem! You can still buy a full membership or opt for a day pass sold at the door.

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  1. I heard Walter Jon from a con here in Calgary. This was back when there was panic that authors and everybody had to blog every day. He was trying out whether it had a good cost-benefit, the cost being of course the hours when he could be writing.

    I was sorry, that weekend, to hear he would never again do a novel like Voice of the Whirlwind, because I very much liked that story.

    In Calgary we no longer have the human capital to do sf and f convention. The long running one we had, unfortunately, began to get into Hollywood which is partly why it stumbled and fell.

    The good news is we have an excellent con for readers, writers and publishers called When Words Collide, a play on the title of the old Philip W. novel. It's open to all genres, poetry and so forth. Including farm wives, and farm wives doing erotica. I am just this morning volunteering to give someone who uses a cane a ride there.

    Yup, the anticipation is exciting!


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