Jul 1, 2016

Knights in Shining Armor


Rohan Stables holds a tourney every year at the Turku Medieval Market, but this year was a special anniversary show with a new program.


                               Here's the master of ceremonies. He was hilarious.


                                                   Medieval air guitar!

                                                               Jousting with real lances!

                                                            Behold the awesome!

                              Only one of the knights was a lady, but she was twice as fierce!


                                  The knight getting a favour from a lady in the audience.


Here he is in action, throwing a spear. It tipped some kind of lighter fluid into the fire so the flames jumped. 



Here they are hitting each other with batons, trying to knock the feather thingy off the other's head. 


                                        There's just something about men in armour...

                                 After the show the kiddies (and adults!) got to pet the horses. Awww!

Rohan stables is doing more shows this weekend, but if you can't make it, here's their itinerary for the summer tour (these are all in Finland, but they do shows all over Europe):

  • Historiallisen ratsastuksen ja taistelun SM 2016 16. - 17.7. - Turun Linna
  • Hollolan Keskiaikamarkkinat 29. - 31.7. - Hollola
  • Verlan Aika 6. - 7.8. - Kouvola
  • Kokkolan keskiaikapäivät - 3. - 4.9. - Kokkola
  • Keskiaikaiset saaristolaismarkkinat 10.9. - Taalintehdas

They also do courses, even private ones. Want to try your hand at knightly skills? These sound so cool.

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