Jul 1, 2016

At the Medieval Market


Turku hosts an awesome medieval market every summer. It's kind of like a Renaissance fair, but with a Finnish flavour. I go every year and eat as many candy apples as I can manage. (My record is five in two days, but maybe I'll break it this year.) There's also a jousting tournament by Rohanin tallit (Stables of Rohan), concerts, feasts,  all kinds of little skits happening at Suurtori, and the museums all have special activities for kids and adults alike. If you really want to get into the spirit, you can even rent a medieval costume on site. With a little imagination, you can pretend you're in your favourite fantasy book on a feast day.


                                                    Yep. They fry an entire pig every year.


                    Some kids screamed "Follow the Archbishop!" when this guy went by. 

          This year the market's from June 30th to July 3rd. You can see the programme here.


                                                            The blacksmith's shop.




                                                                    Candy apples and pears.


           Awesome art. I really, really want those inn signs, but I have absolutely no place to hang them.

                                                             More books from Salakirjat.

                                                                        Deerskins and rabbit pelts. 


                                                Beautiful garments decorated with fantasy art.


                           Weapons for the kiddies. My nephew got a working bow. That'll end well.

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