May 26, 2016

An Online Course on Character Arcs

K. M. Weiland of the Helping Writers Become Authors blog is doing an online course about mastering character arcs. Her posts on the subject and her book have helped me so much, and this looks amazing.

Here's a bit about the course from her blog:

This comprehensive course will teach you:
  • How to determine which arc—positive, negative, or flat—is right for your character
  • Why you should NEVER pit plot against character. Instead, learn how to blend story structure and character development
  • How to harmonize the relationship between character and theme—so you can stop churning out disjointed stories
  • How to recognize and avoid the worst pitfalls of writing novels with no character arcs
  • How to hack the secret to using overarching character arcs to create amazing trilogies and series
  • BONUS: How to find easy ways to start marketing your books
  • And much more!

For more info, check out her post here.

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