May 20, 2016

DIY: Chocolate Bouquet


My friend hosted her legendary Eurovision Song Contest party last weekend. I wanted to bring something a little different, something fun, so I decided to make a chocolate bouquet. The theme was "Red" so that's what I went with. 

First I lined a small cardboard box with silver wrapping paper, took a sheet of red silk paper and pushed the bottle inside so the paper crumpled up artistically. Champagne or sparkling wine works nicely with the chocolates.  


For the flowers, I cut squares out of cellophane, put the chocolate inside, and wrapped the whole thing around the blunt end of a bamboo skewer. You need a lot of scotch tape to make this work. Many tutorials online would have you shove the sharp end of the skewer into the chocolate, but I didn't want to to that. This approach is a bit more fiddly, but it preserves the integrity of the chocolate, if they don't get eaten right away.  


Then I cut petals out of the silk paper, and leaves. (this tutorial is pretty good.)  I used a mix of pink and red to add some contrast. There's three "layers" of flowers, and a layer of silk paper between each one. This helps the bouquet stay intact. The sharp ends of the skewers catch on the paper, so that was an unanticipated bonus to not sticking them in the chocolates. 


                                                        And here we go: chocolate bouquet!

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