May 6, 2016

DIY: Victorian Butterflies


Project time! This is the butterfly kit I got at the craft fair a while ago, and I wanted something new to put in my glass display dome, so I decided to give it a go. 


Making the butterflies wasn't too hard, just a bit fiddly. You need small, sharp scissors and a lot of patience. The result is neater if you bend the sticker and peel the antennae off the craft paper and just cut along the wings. (This was in the instructions, so of course I ignored it at first. Cause I'm a REBEL! So, big surprise, the instructions actually are there for a reason.) The craft paper is some sort of thin, plasticky material, so you can actually do this without tearing the sticker.


                     They turned out just like on they look on the box. Very pretty.


 That's the final product, improvised with bits and bobs I had lying around the house. I might go out and find a knobbly bit of wood and some moss to make it even prettier, but this will do for now.

Oh, and I found a webshop that sells the kits, if anyone wants to give it a go. They're just 4.60 euros, so pretty affordable. I used less than a fourth of the kit for this project, so you get lots of butterflies from one package. Remember to get silver wire, too, if you want to use it. At least my kit didn't have it included. (The site doesn't say if they ship outside of Finland, but it doesn't hurt to ask.)

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