Feb 5, 2016

Cthulhu Cuteness


Want to show everyone's favourite eldritch horror some love? Now you can. First up, the cuddliest knitted baby Cthulhu ever. Made by my super-talented crafty friend from this book


                                        Here he is from the back. All together now: Aww!


                         Okay, this bit's kind of girly... Brace yourselves. Lovecraftian nail wraps! 


              Mine are from thinkgeek.com. Sadly, they're out of stock, but if you dare venture into the 
              murky waters of internet shopping, you might find something similar.


Speaking of murky waters, check out these tentacle earrings I got at Finncon a few years ago. I can't 
                        remember the seller's name, but if you want a pair, Etsy is your friend. 


        Is your iPad not Lovecraftian enough? Creep it up with these iPad covers from geekifyinc.com.


       Got the iPad Necronomiconed? Good. Now go read "The Call of Cthulhu"on it. I dare you. 

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