Jan 22, 2016

The Need for Mead


Big plans this weekend: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. I've only played a few hours, but I'm loving it so far. The world is beautifully done, and it feels like the books. The first quest I did I got the bad guy hanged for a relatively minor offence, but that's how the Nilfgaardians roll: there's no being a goody-good guy here. Oh, and the snark, I love the snark. The controls are a bit fiddly, but that's life.

But witchering is thirsty work. After some googling I found the perfect drink:  mead!


These are proper mead, like the stuff the vikings used to drink. I got two kinds because I couldn't decide. The Inkeeper's Daughter is a sweeter one with less alcohol, and the Wandering Minstrel is stronger. Here's a few close-ups:



The Innkeeper's Daughter one tastes fresh and sweet, like honey wine, and the minstrel one is more like slightly sweet beer. I preferred the first one, but I don't like beer, so...

Okay, here we go. Hey, this is fun. After two glasses, I start missing a few counters, but that's no problem. Suck it, swamp demons!

Three glasses in, I'm feeling fine. The map is confusing, though. Where's that damn griffin? I need another glass. 

Found the griffin. 

*gets ass handed to self by griffin*

Okay, maybe I need some more experience? That well devil quest looks easy enough.

*slays devil in the well, but gets ripped apart by wolves on the way back to town*

Minor setback. You know what will fix that? More mead!

Hey, how about a monster nest? Cause those are easy.

*Gets nibbled to death by ghouls*

No fair!


*walks into a campfire*

*hubby gently suggests that maybe don't walk into campfires*

Heh, heh, heh. I'm on fire!

*whistles for Roach*

Hey, I'm riding and I'm on fire!!!!

*hubby rotfl*

Maybe it's time to quit for today? 

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