Jan 29, 2016

DIY: Jewelry From Dollhouse Furniture

There's plenty of DIY potential in dollhouse furniture if you like kitsch and know what to look for. All you need are earring hooks, adjustable ring bases, and a few pairs of jewelry-making pliers. And superglue. You should always have superglue in the house.

These were a cinch to make: I just attached the hooks to the loops on the tray.

Here are a few rings I got at a design market a few years ago. These would be easy to DIY, too. I think they're just glued on. These are a bit Lolita-y, but I like that. 

 I saw these frames at a craft store and just had to make them into earrings. I'd love to swap the pictures for something more sci-fi, but the darn things don't open. Well, that guy looks a bit like Lovecraft, right?

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