Mar 13, 2017


Where did the weekend go? And how is it Monday again, faugh. 

I spent most of Saturday watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix. Totally worth it. If you like Douglas Adams' wacky style and don't mind a few (okay, a lot of) gruesome scenes, this is the show for you. Any writers out there might want to check it out as a masterclass in plotting. I bet you won't see the ending coming, and when everything becomes clear, you can almost hear all the mismatched, jagged pieces clicking into place.  

I didn't slack off all weekend, though. I finished my piece for the Stepanin koodeksi 4 anthology competition (and kind of freaked myself out in the process). Note to self: don't write horror alone and  late at night. Or maybe that's exactly what you should do? Any Finnish writers out there with a love of all things eldritch? Here's the link to the competition; the deadline's not until April 1st. I also rewrote the opening scene of that bothersome sci-fi story that's been giving me so much trouble, and I  have the new ending plotted out, too. Should be almost done, right? Well . . . After some consideration, I decided that the story would sound better in past tense instead of present, which isn't exactly a quick fix with 17k words of goofy action-adventure fun. Sigh. I'm also a bit stumped about where to submit this kind of thing; it's not exactly literary science fiction, and 17k is an awkward length. Maybe Writers of the Future? 

I also hung out with my family, checked out Aboa Vetus, which is a lot more fun with kids, and had an awesome popcorn-and-salted-caramel cupcake at the MBakery café. Not too shabby. 

Ooh, and did you see the teaser trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones? Looks pretty cool, though I'm a bit disappointed it won't be a full ten episodes. 


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