Jun 28, 2016

Writing Milestones

I started writing in 2014, and I've always gotten the Clarkesworld form rejection up to now, so I was really happy when one of my stories actually made the second round. (If you've googled their stats, that's pretty rare.)

They held the story for about a month, and then I got the "close, but not quite" rejection, so I'm not that bummed; actually, it's encouraging. Shows that I'm on the right track.

 I think I'll give the story a once-over and then resubmit. Hopefully it'll find a home somewhere else.


  1. Congrats! Personally, I've never received anything but the form rejection from Clarkesworld, so it's nice to hear that the whole setup isn't actually overseen by a surly robot with a broken "Accept" button.

  2. Thanks:) When I made the second round, I did some googling, and many people had five or six stories that didn't quite make it before one was actually accepted, so I think I've got some work to do. Maybe in a few years? And this does give me confidence to try pro markets in the future, instead of going straight for the semi-pros...


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