Sep 15, 2015

Mothership Zeta

I mentioned before that one of my stories had been accepted for publication in Mothership Zeta.
Here's a little info on the magazine from their site:

The new project from Escape Artists is coming: Mothership Zeta! Edited by Mur Lafferty with assistance from Sunil Patel and Karen Bovenmyer, Mothership Zeta is a quarterly website/ezine that will feature fiction and nonfiction of interest to the speculative fiction-loving world. We’ll be featuring reprints from our sister podcasts, new fiction, and some really interesting stuff we’re keeping under our hats for now!

My piece "The Customer Is Always Right" will be appearing in the inaugural issue in October, in case anyone wants to check it out.

If you're tired of all dystopia all the time, I think you'll like Mothership Zeta.

More info on the website: 

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