Sep 11, 2016

Loot Crate: Anti-Hero

Here's last month's loot. The theme was anti-hero, so that's what we got. (I skipped July's crate, because most of the franchises represented weren't for me.)

An Archer for president T-shirt. I haven't actually seen any episodes of Archer, so not my favourite item. 

Kill Bill socks. Kind of splattery for my taste, but socks are always useful. I do like the movies.

Now this one I loved, a Harley Q-Fig! You can write whatever you want in the speech bubble. I kind of wish the edges of the bubble were black instead of blue, though.

A Hellboy ceramic bank. Kind of cool. Looks good in front of my Hellboy comics. 

The pin unlocked some WoW stuff, but as I don't play, I didn't look at that too closely. 

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