Nov 1, 2015

A Night Out With Two Raucous Devils

Yesterday I went on a local ghost walk Tarinoita varjoisilta kujilta (Stories From Shady Alleys, the Halloween edition). I never knew there were so many ghosts fluttering around Turku. 

From the old washer woman who beat two children to death after they smeared soot on her clean linens one time too many to the ghost of Aleksis Kivi appearing at Turun Kaupunginteatteri to see a production of the play he wrote, these guys had it all. 

That building behind our host is an old water tower where the Reds chained up war prisoners to die during the Finnish civil war. 

Some of the "jumper-outers" joined the two devils for an amazing fire show.

They juggled, spun fiery chains, one even jumped rope with the rope in flames!

All in all, a very enjoyable night out. 

The event page on says that they'll be continuing the walking tours next summer (last night's tour was a special Halloween version of the regular tour), so definitely go if you have the chance.  

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