Dec 6, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Time to watch the Unknown Soldier and the President's Independence Day reception on TV again. It's  hours of people shaking hands. Yes, we are crazy. 


  1. In high school a girl asked the teacher, "Why do nations always have their independence day in July?" The teacher didn't know. We had taken U.S. day July 4, Canada Day, July 1, and Bastille Day. (Which I think is in July too, maybe July 8)

    How nice that you guys can have an independence Day in the winter.

    Here we can only look forward to Christmas. January has nothing. February, about ten years ago, got a local holiday with a tacked-on name, Family Day, just to break up an awful dark winter month. This week our daytime highs are below minus 20 C.

    You guys? In December? I laugh.

  2. Yes, it is a nice break before Christmas. The reason that it's in December has to do with what was going on in Russia at the time Finland became independent in 1917. If you've studied history, it's the time of the Russian revolutions. Here's a bit more info, if you're curious:


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