Aug 26, 2016

Umbrella Cuteness

I love the Japanese Lolita style, especially Gothic Lolita, but it's really hard to get a hold of pieces in the West, especially if you don't know Japanese. Imagine my delight when Baby, the Stars Shine Bright opened a shop in New York, with a webshop, with international shipping! I'll never fit into those tiny dresses, but the accessories. . . those, I'm excited about.

Here's my first purchase: these umbrellas I've been admiring for years. Cute, but practical.

Let autumn come, I'm ready!

P.S. If any of you readers are lucky enough to live in New York City and want to check it out, the shop's address is 158 Allen St. They share the space with Tokyo Rebel, another shop that specialises in edgy Japanese fashion.

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